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Customer Testimonials

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We decided to use West Coast Maids based on the affordable pricing they quoted over the phone. When their maids arrived they greeted us at the front door and ask to do a walk Through Inspection of our home to see what had to be completed. Everything was done on time and on budget! Thanks West Coast Maids for your hard work!
Trudy Williams
Barrie, ON
I had West Coast Maids when I was in Vancouver and now they are here in Barrie! Wow! I can't believe it! From the time of booking to cleaning to finishing the job, Deanna was so pleasant to deal with on phone. I now have her maid services in Barrie on a weekly basis. The reliability of her service was totally superb!
Jean Mason
Barrie, ON
I called late last week Deanna picked up the phone and I booked her right away. She was nice to deal with and the communication level was lovely! With other services they rush you off the phone but Deanna was there to answer all my questions and then some. Your girls are terrific Dee! Thanks!
Monica Williams
Stroud, Ontario
I had to get a move out cleaning done last minute and Deanna crew was their to take care of it. They were affordable, detailed and the girls made me feel so comfortable in my home it was like having a friend over for dinner. If I had a question about the cleaning the girls were there to answer. We will be using West Coast maids as our cleaning provider from here on out!
Mike & Tammy
Barrie, Ontario
I’ve been with West Coast Maids for about three years now and my favorite thing about them is just the reliability of the service and the quality of work they do. I’m not at home all that often and the last thing I want to do when I get home is to deep clean. So it’s great to have a service I can rely on. They take care of the sinks and bath tubs and all the little details I would miss. One of the things I love is when I am here they’ll always take me through a final walk through to show everything is good but I can always trust them to make sure it’s always good even when I’m not here which most of the time I’m not. They have keys and let themselves in. They do the job and they’re out again. I can always trust they’ll do the job.
Matt Rudd
Vancouver, BC